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Fall 2015 Update

Recently, DC Livers & Associates and our clients have been to so many events, been interviewed by or conducted interviews with so many celebrities and took so many client meetings, it’s hard to  get a break. Thankfully, it’s all about to come to an end as I bring on fresh new associates for 2016. I’ll be personally slowing way down. I cannot remember a year that I worked this hard….actually I can. 2002 was a monster year. So was 2007. Since then I’ve been able to have a moderately low-key life but with the success of several projects, I can no longer hide behind-the-scenes where I love to be. I find the limelight to be a bore and time consuming, but such is life. One must do what one must do.

Spring/Summer 2015 Update
This year kicked off with the gifting suite at the NBA All Star Awards in NYC followed by a Twitter party with Spike Lee. As the year progressed, DC Livers was on hand for many events including Black Enterprise’s Black Entrepreneur Summit, the 2015 Morehouse College graduation and the BET Awards in L.A. landing exclusive interviews with sports greats, A-list celebrities and leaders of the future. Summer 2015 has been full of first including pre-Olympic coverage of the 2015 P&G Championships featuring dynamic gold medal athletes Gabrielle Douglas, Simone Biles, Donnell Whittenburg and Sam Mikulak. DC also attended Steve Harvey’s Neighborhood Awards (often called “hoodie awards”).

As the year progress, DC Livers will provide coverage to WNBA, NFL, NBA among other major sports events.

You can find DC Livers’ syndicated column in some of the top Black publications in the U.S., Western Africa and Brazil. She will also provide brand intregration options to help companies intregrate their products into the fan experience using DC Livers’ social influencer network. DC Livers has been published in, written about, featured in or credentialed by many publications including the following:


michigan chronicle - DC Livers

BET Experience 2014 - DC Livers


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