Brand Integration

cropped-brands_and_social_media.jpgDC Livers & Associates understands the need for brands to seamlessly integrate their messages into the busy lifestyles of today’s consumer. Our projects create raving fans and enhance the consumer’s experience making the brand a supporting character to the fun.

Plain and simple, DC Livers is known for building digital brands. She has played a role in nearly every major development of the Black digital community since she founded the Historical Black Press Foundation in 1999 from the white paper she authored on the digital divide. Since then, DC Livers has founded Black Bloggers and Podcasters Society (BBAPS), created the Who’s Who in Black Media directory in 2004, started, the nation’s first online Black radio station. As if that is not enough, DC Livers is in the process of completing the most-anticipated “Who’s Who in Black Blogging” directory. In 2007, she helped bring African hip hop to the United States and was tapped for Nigerian sensation 2Face Idibia’s first exclusive interview in the U.S. As a result, DC Livers started Black Press Africa and today some of the artists she helped cross over to the U.S. are now receiving awards from events like BET Awards, MTV and others. In 2011, Livers was invited to the White House as part of an awards ceremony honoring the winners of the Black Press All Star Awards, the nation’s only awards show for Black media industry. Livers hopes to find sponsors to  host the awards show on TV. Livers is also founder of the Black Blog Awards which will hold its awards ceremony in London in March 2015.

With some 75% of students using social media and the Internet every day, brands cannot afford to ignore the important trends. DC Livers & Associates’ value-added services help our clients and partners stay abreast of the latest trends, why they work and how to use them.  We customize strategies for your product or service so that you’ll see impact more quickly than if you tried to navigate the social media waters alone.

Celebrity Baby Magazine was on hand for the 90210 reunionTori Spelling/Jennie Garth’s 90210 Reunion
DC Livers & Associates helped client, Celebrity Baby Magazine bring awareness to the duo’s new project, “Mystery Girls” by provided in person coverage, posting and boosting social media awareness by tweeting to audience.

Spelling, 40, and Garth, 41 – who played Donna Martin and Kelly Taylor for 10 years and reprised their roles on the 90210 spinoff – will play Holly and Charlie, former co-stars of a popular ’90s crime-solving series.

Spelling’s Holly opens a detective agency and persuades Charlie, now a suburban mom, to help

ASCAP Film & TV and ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Awards

ASCAP Film & TV Awards ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Awards - DC LiversOne of the most coveted awards shows each year, ASCAP hosts two amazing events back-to-back. Starting with the ASCAP Film & TV Awards, DCLA helped bring awareness to the event by providing in-person coverage of red carpet arrivals and interviews, the awards gala and then using our social media network to attract newer, younger audiences with short Vine and Youtube videos and exciting red carpet photos.

DCLA also provided photo coverage of the 2014 ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Awards, also known as ASCAP Urban. Later, we interviewed celebrities like Neyo on their impressive honors. There’s few things like getting honored by your peers, except having the media there to capture it all.

BET Awards Experience in Los Angeles, CA

BET Experience 2014 - DC LiversWorked with new brands to increase their brand awareness by launching in-person giveaways of products like t-shirts, CDs, magazines and more.

DC Livers & Associates also worked with trusted brands like Greyhound, IHG Hotels and others to intergrate their brands into the lives of today’s consumers by launching hashtags like #FreedomBLoggers #GetontheBus #FreedomSummer.

When a small music awards show was abruptly cancelled due to behind-the-scenes politics, DC Livers used her extensive network to create a crisis communications bridge among the award show creator, brands related to the cancellation and helped keep the creator’s name out of the press to avoid future damage. DC Livers often acts as an intermediary between media outlets and brands to resolve problems quickly and with a little damage to each side as possible. She is often hired by brands to consult on creating Twitter parties, developing blogger tours and identifying the top bloggers or social influencers for branded campaigns.

“Get on the Bus” Mini Blog Tour to L.A. with multiple brand integration
greyhound-100th anniversary-Get ontheBus tourWorked with national brands Greyhound and IHG Hotels to create a one-of-a-kind experience that celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement including Freedom Summer and Greyhound’s 100th Anniversary. Created hashtag #FreedomBloggers, #GetontheBus and #FreedomSummer to bring awareness to the brand’s impact on modern society and the important role it played on helping America become the country that it is today.

Holiday Inn Express LAX is a great place to stay to be near the beaches, shopping and a family-friendly environmentFor the “Get on the Bus Mini Blog Tour” DC Livers & Associates incorporated IHG Hotels’ Holiday Inn Express into the entire experience with the focus on “home away from home” with hot breakfast, great beds, incredible business centers and unbeateable location to beaches, shopping and great dining. The hotel served as a headquarters allowing celebrities, brand partners and others to come to the hotel to drop of deliverables or for meetings. By allowing the hotel to be the meeting place, other social media influencers were able to visit the property, see what it has to offer.

Sheen Magazine
DC Livers attended the celebrity VIP event for the inaugural “Bonnie & Clyde Gifting Suite” held during the BET Awards weekend celebration and helped brands reach coveted celebrities while providing media coverage. Interviewed celebrities like “Hit the Floor’s” Robert Christopher Riley and Cocoa Brown star of Tyler Perry’s “Single Moms Club”


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