Social Media Bootcamp


( – Let’s face it: Social media gets messy. With DC Livers & Associates, we will clean up your social media presence and help you learn how to GET PAID for your digital time.

If you’re not getting paid to blog or use social media you’re making a mess – and losing money!

DC Livers & Associates presents it’s wildly popular SOCIAL MEDIA BOOTCAMP that only accepts a select amount of inductees a year. DO NOT SIGN UP if you cannot take the pressure. Only 12 BEYONCE packages are offered per year! Our graduates are on the top of everyone’s “GO TO” list!

BLOGALICIOUS 2015 attendee special: BlogHer15’s mini bootcamp was so successful, we had to do it again for our friends at Blogalicious. We adore the hardwork that Blogalicious is putting in, so DC Livers & Associates is pleased to announced  the 15 day MINI BOOTCAMP is just $150 when you register by September 19, 2015. Class starts on September 22, 2015. Only 50 lucky people will be able to take advantage of the DC Livers & Associations Mini Bootcamp. Because of the individualized attention paid to each bootcamper, only 50 packages will be offered! First come. First Served. Classes paid after September 19, 2015 are $350.00. There will be three classes offered. PROMO CODE: BYOE15

September 22 – October 6, 2015

October 11 – October 25, 2015

October 27, 2015 – November 10, 2015

45 Days to Success….guaranteed. It will be the best $1500 you ever spent. Fall 2015 Special: $1,500.00 flat rate* for first 10 paid registrants. *Regular fee: $1,500 retainer and $1,500 a month.

BEYONCE PACKAGE: $1,500.00 retainer. $2,500.00 per month. GET UPGRADED. We’ll take you from struggling to BALLING in 90 days or less!

NOTE: This is bootcamp not summer camp. This is in your face, make it or die trying, aggressive, results only, NO EXCUSES bootcamp. You do it OUR WAY, PERIOD. If your way worked, you would be an Internet star by now. GUARANTEED IMPROVEMENT with EACH package.

One-on-One, personalized service and in-depth critique of your skills, project or goals including why it is failing and how to fix it.

Who's Who in Black Blogging directory #BYOE15 #BlogHer15 #goop– You will learn how to improve your project, skills or goal by yourself, no more relying on someone else to make you better.

Self Confidence to increase your rates, and PAID sponsorships or endorsements, book new clients, and a blueprint for your project’s personal success. Some bootcamps pack in as many people as possible and make instruction “one size fits all.” Don’t fall for that. Plus, all bootcampers receive automatic inclusion in the coveted “Who’s Who in Black Blogging” directory!

I’m really looking forward to working with you!

–  DC Livers  –

Want to be included in Who’s Who in Black Blogging directory or to sign up for bootcamp? Last chance! Enter your information below or call 646-450-4249.



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